Many have heard of a place far beyond. Where the lights are never off, the streets never close, and the bars are always open. A city you shouldn’t sleep in, but also a city where you won’t be robbed by a rat the size of Rick Ross.

(No shade, we love you New York!, but this is about New Orleans, baby!)

Now although New Orleans has recently upgraded itself from a fairly cheap city to an overpriced extravaganza, that’s only for the tourist. And because I’m a tourist hater myself, (I even hate myself when I’m traveling, so it is what it is) I won’t give out EVERY dirty little secret my city has to offer, but I can give you a few hot spots to enjoy. Let’s just call this fun under $50. A Night In New Orleans.

1.  Shamrocks

Midtown – New Orleans

Definitely one of my favorites. A local bar in a local neighborhood, but a SAFE neighborhood. Saturday night was the fun night for us. There’s always something going on, or if you’re a local; someone to spy on. It’s basically a local Dave & Busters with karaoke, pool, amazing food, and delicious drinks. This was our first spot. A certain friend of mine became a Flirty Fannie and my other friend was busy making sure she didn’t fall over so I planned an exit, on to the next!

2. Barcadia

Downtown – New Orleans

SO. ON. POINT. Four different rooms. A Hip Hop room, A Dance Room, A Bounce Room, and AN ARCADE. IF ANYONE KNOWS ME THEY KNOW I HOLD THE RECORD IN MS. PAC MAN IN LOCATION 3. It’s an extremely fun place with the ambiance to match. Warhol paintings everywhere, vintage chairs and oversized furniture. Signature drinks, made to order drinks, EVERY ARCADE GAME YOU CAN IMAGINE. And music for any and all types. Legendary.

3. The John

Marigny (7th Ward)

Best drinks in town. On the iconic FRENCHMEN ST (The Non Tourist Bourbon, that doesn’t smell like piss) Cheap as hell, middle of the city. Nine times out of ten if you’re there at night you’ll see me. Too close to my home and it’s my special little baby. Fun fact: The name The John comes from toilets. The seats are all gold toilet seats and there’s vintage vinyl all over the walls. Sickening.

4. Snug Harbor

Marigny (7th Ward)

Two blocks from location 3. Amazing burgers, a notch above diner quality but a step below 5 star. Best baked potatoes in town and the signature drinks are everything. You can order, and walk out into the Frenchmen Strip which is where locals go when the wear and tear of Bourbon has been infested by tourists and transplants. Live music, food trucks, good drinks, and a great time.

Fun at all these places (minus a drink or two purchased by an admirer) – $37