It doesn’t matter where you turn. Television, social media, or even the sidewalk.. there’s always someone walking around with a tour t-shirt on, and as much as I’ve tried to decline my desires eventually I gave in. Not only did I give in, I GAVE UP THE COINS. Although I admit it has absolutely nothing to do with the trend, and it’s purely admiration of how sick someone can look while representing an artist or band they so righteously respect, I did it. And looked damned good doing so, with the help of a great friend of course.

I swim in a sea of Young Money t-shirts, I parade in a pile of Mariah Carey promo t-shirts, but at my most fabulous and fierce I rock a black band t. Is it because I love them? No. Is it because it’s trendy? HELL NO. Is it because it looks great? Absolutely. And as any blogger would know, the better the shot the better the blog.

So although you’ll see post of me in a Sade shirt, a Bone Thugs n Harmony shirt… all artist I listen to, love, and respect, don’t negate the fact that it’s just as stylish and sexy to rock an Iron Maiden shirt as well.