As many of us may know, there’s this new trend of being a “socially awkward introvert” with “anxiety” that “loves being left alone”; And while that may work for the already unfriended or friendless, I LOVE HAVING FRIENDS. I love being social, and to be all the way honest I can have a cackle or kiki with someone I can’t stand for the purpose of being polite. ANYWHO, having friends that you can count on is an amazing feeling. Especially when they’re able to give you gifts! This sexy little sheer number came compliments of THE SHEER LABEL as an extra gift for creative directing her campaign.

Styling sheer has always been a challenge for me. I always struggle between keeping it safe and going sexy, or totally turning the tables and kill it conservatively. My goal in styling is never to follow a trend, and if I do I want to remix it and give others a way to explore their options and double their wardrobe by pairing pieces they never thought could parlay.

I paired a pair of extremely strappy sandals with the gown to add extra sex appeal, but also a leather biker jacket (pictured later) to add edge and not have all assets on display. Not to mention taking off a coat to reveal cleavage is always a plus. It gives “I’m just making myself comfortable, but feel comfortable enough to stare because I know I’m serving it up”



I believe sheer is an instant way for a woman to feel sexy about herself. It’s something I’ve previously shied away from because I’ve always felt it wasn’t as versatile as the vision I have for my styling, but dealing with it more recently I’ve realized it’s not meant to show off. It’s meant for show offs. Someone confident enough to show off their style with just a slice of seduction. Sheer is here.

Thank you THESHEERLABEL for the dress and the feature on the website!






Note: LIVE HAUTE does not work pro-bono, so this emphasis on extra in gift. And all styling, wardrobe styling, and creative directing inquiries can be answered in our cute little contact form.