Dating. The word itself either warrants a deep sigh or a celebration, there’s never an in between, but the upside for women has always been the wait. That feeling of calmness and self assurance that the perfect date is just around the corner, which will turn into the perfect friend, and eventually the perfect first husband. (Or only husband if you’re really lucky and willing to defy those senseless statistics!)

But those days have left the world! No longer are women willing to wait for the right man to approach us; mainly because Mr. Right is almost always Mr. Weird, and the guy we’re actually paying attention to is too entertained in his own company to even realize the blessings God has placed within his reach. Humble, I know.

And that’s where we insert THE APPROACH. Follow one of these five tips and it’s over. You won.

Eye contact always works. 

I’ll ease you into it, because honestly I’m just as new to it as you may be, BUT! I was successful, and you can be too. EYE CONTACT. The glance and glare works of course and all of us do it, but when you don’t have time to waste, you’re feeling yourself, and you’re all dressed up and ready to round up the first recruits, you have to do more than make eye contact. I mean, EVERYONE HAS EYES! Throw in a wave, douse in a smile, but NEVER a wink. You’ve just went from precious to prostitute with the wink, and although this is a shameless blog celebratory of all women, even prostitutes don’t want to give prostitute. So I’ve heard.

Cinderella Syndrome.

I personally believe like all Disney Movies, the story of Cinderella was completely fabricated. Created by a man forced to face rejection and take no for an answer from a woman who was completely interested but suffered from Cinderella Syndrome. I don’t even believe her name was Cinderella. It was probably Monica.

Anywho! Cinderella syndrome is an old trick that always works. Have a great time, approach him, spark up the best conversation you can. I mean I want you to lean in when he laughs, scoot closer and touch his shoulder, random smiles and eye contact, THE WORKS. And just when it’s getting good, you have to go. Not that I’m a scientist although I’ve dabbled (I took a science class in high school), it’s been prove than that a woman’s heart beats faster than a man’s, so what you feel as sparks is merely a thump to him. That’s why you initiate and leave. If he’s smart enough he’ll get your information, and if not.. who wants a dummy?

Do it like a dude.

While studies have shown women speak more than 13,000 words a day more than men, barely any of them have been used to approach the male co-worker, neighbor, or even delivery guy they’ve been wanting to approach them for the longest. DO IT LIKE A DUDE. Just say it. Hi, from what I’ve noticed about you, you seem interesting and I was wondering if you’d like to go out and have lunch or a drink some day. Easy is as easy does, just don’t make yourself look too easy because.. easy is as easy does. Get it?

The Desperate Moment (THE DM)

Enter at your own risk.

This is a very tricky zone, a sticky situation, quicksand, a sunken ship, WHATEVER.  I do believe it can be done right, but it depends on the person, their personality, and your approach. I offer no advice, just luck and love, but the with three tips above I’m sure you’re get any guy you want without the awkwardness of the approach. Or at least have a really great story to write or blog about.