I’m one of the best mixologist in the world! I say that with absolutely no bar-tending experience except my dad’s catering events, my close friend’s house parties and her fiance’s art functions so maybe I am experienced! YEAH! I’m EXPERIENCED, BITCH! RECOGNIZE. I just have a taste for it. Ha ha. (Get it? A taste?) So with that said I’ll give you girls and guys a couple of my tootsietoos (Tootsietoo is a word I made up, it means several things so use context clues) and let’s get this ball rolling.

I wish I would’ve thought to take photos of the process while making it, but don’t worry! Each week I’ll do a signature cocktail to show off my skills and pleasure your pallet, but his week I’ll call this little concoction Sour Power because it’s a little sweet, a little sour, and full of power. Okay!

I’m a huge fan of Tito’s. It’s my vodka of choice, but today I’ll use Ciroc Apple because it’s all I have.


Ciroc Apple. Ocean Spray White Cran-Strawberry, Lime, Simply Lemonade.

USE THAT ONE. There will be others, but that’s the one.

3 Shots of Ciroc Apple.

1 shot White Cran-Strawberry.

A little squeeze of lime juice, save a slice to garnish.

And a PINCH. A LITTLE PINCH of Lemonade to add color and a kick of unexpected flavor.

People drank it like FISH, said it tasted like juice and didn’t even know they were tipsy until they stood up. You’ll love.