I love to travel. I literally walk around the block out of boredom just to get away from my current situation. Moving from place to place and experiencing new things with new people excites me! Especially those I care about, and on occasion, those I care absolutely nothing for. I’m talking not even a rat’s ass, or a piece of pie. Couldn’t get a hi out of me if I were a joint. Got it? Okay, good! Because with that said we’re discussing the trouble with travel, and tips to help make the most of every eventful excursion. This will be more of an essay with tips than a tip guide, because I believe I experience things in all of my dramatic flare to speak on them to any party willing to read or ready to listen.

1. Plan and itinerary, and even more important- plan an exit.

Everyone knows not every trip will go as planned. Especially with uninvited guest, or guest you wish weren’t invited which was the case for my trip. Now I’m a great friend and an even better sport.. always willing to go with the flow for the greater good, but when on vacation I tend to wear a little less, drink a little more, and talk the most (ESPECIALLY MY BUSINESS) because it’s a time to vent and relax among friends, and catch up with each other in an safe space; so if someone isn’t my friend.. I can’t be me. And if I can’t be me, you can’t be there. So for the greater good of everyone, have an itinerary so everyone can have something to do, and if you’re not with it you can set some time alone for yourself to not spoil the fun, or divide the groups to make it fun and keep it even more fabulous. Know when to dip in and dip out without causing a stir, and always keep it cordial.

 2. Prepare for the worst, but expect the best.

I know this sounds morbid, but trust me with any group of girls it WILL get confusing. You will get tired, frustrated, hungry, and grow angry of opinions VERY early on. You have to have the mindset that it’s party time and not waver due to whining and unwillingness to participate. Don’t feed into egos, don’t baby anyone’s emotions, and most importantly, DON’T BE THE BAD APPLE. Eventually everyone will realize the reason they’re there and fall in line. If not, the hotel is always willing and waiting!

3. More is MORE.

More drinks. More shopping. More men. More clubbing. More EVERYTHING. Enjoy yourself with no worries and let your excitement trump your exhaustion. You may never want to talk to certain people afterwards, and may want to kill them during the trip, but I promise if you stick it out and let yourself go everything will work out and fun will appear randomly like a daisy in the snow. Just be extra, and by extra I may also mean extra DRUNK.