When I met with my good friend Tae over Tokyo Teas in a secluded bar smack dab in the middle of the Seventh Ward (my home ward, and quite frankly the best ward in the history of history), we discussed her vision. Making a mother of two look sexy yet stoic while representing her vision of extreme intellect with a flare for fashion. I was beyond happy to help her and together we made magic. Something I couldn’t be more proud of.

In our blog roll you can find Tae’s blog. The Neauxlamade mother has inspired the Live Haute team to explore our options and step over the boundaries that binded us. So on behalf of me personally I thank you Tae and wish you all the best. We’ve always been friends, but to create together has connected us on a level I couldn’t be more thankful for. Please enjoy the photos taken by Creative Director Josh for Live Haute.

For Tae, what we decided to do was place an accent on her best features; her face and her personality. Placing her in front of scenarios that would create stories would only add to the creative essence she already possessed. Not to mention it would boost the confidence and spark the flame of a fabulous fashion shoot.